NYS Maple Producers Association Support for the Cornell Maple Program

The NYS Maple Producers Association is continuously grateful for all of the research, information, and knowledge provided by the Cornell Maple Program.  Helpful resources such as Stephen Childs and the research studies he completes and educational tools he provides are a direct result of the Cornell Maple Program efforts.  This program has not only advanced association knowledge and interest, but also has helped maple, as a crop, gain more local and national exposure.

We ask our members to consider donating to the Cornell Maple Program endowment, to ensure the continued funding support of these valuable resources.  Here are some commonly asked questions regarding donations.

What address should gift checks be sent?

Please send your donation checks to:

Cornell University
PO Box 258838
Lehigh Valley, PA 18003‐9698

What exact ‘pay to’ name should be on the check?

Checks should be made out to Cornell University.  *IMPORTANT: Please indicate that your support is for the “Cornell Maple Sugar Research Endowment (fund#487727)”

Are credit card payments be possible?

Yes!  Please call 1-800-279-3099 – one of our members will assist you with the over-the-phone donation process.  During your call, please indicate that the designation is for the “Cornell Maple Sugar Research Endowment (fund#487727).”

You may also contact Ross Evancoe (607-254-8586, rfe37@cornell.edu) for a direct link to make a gift via credit card online.

Are online donations possible?


Is my gift eligible for a tax deduction?

Cornell is a 501(c)3 organization. In most cases, a gift to Cornell is tax deductible. Your individual tax accountant should be consulted.

If you have any questions, or are looking for other options to make a gift in support of the Cornell Maple Program, please contact Ross Evancoe, Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (607-254-8586,rfe37@cornell.edu).

Thank you for your support!


The Cornell Maple Program

The New York State Maple Producers' Association is continuously grateful for all of the research, information and knowledge provided by the Cornell Maple Program. Helpful resources such as Stephen Childs' research studies and educational tools are a direct result of...

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